My son has been taking vocal lessons for 2 years.  I love hearing his progression from working with her! She is so patient and supportive of him while also challenging him to push out of his comfort zone and try new things vocally.  I have taken ukulele lessons from another teacher at Moon Magnet as well, his lessons were fun and perfectly paced. I can't recommend them enough!

Dedra Haynie


The confidence I gained in my music has only grown. I would likely never become an artist without the support my teacher has given me. The time I spent with him has given me an incredible love for music and is something that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Jaden Allen


Our teacher is amazing for both myself and my five year old! We have been taking lessons for over a year and she feels like a part of our family. I highly recommend Moon Magnet to anyone seeking beginner or advanced music instruction!


Student / Parent

I take Ableton mixing and mastering lessons at Moon Magnet. My teacher is attentive both during the lessons and outside of the lessons, going out of his way on many occasions to introduce new plugins, pieces of information, and approaches to me via email.
I was able to improve my overall mixing a lot in the process - getting exactly what I was hoping for from the lessons.

Mike Egan


Best music teacher we have ever found for our son! Our teacher at Moon Magnet is so encouraging and has been able to help our son take his music to whole new levels. His patience and encouragement are stellar!

Amy Gariepy Paul


We have been impressed with our instructor. He always comes prepared for the lesson and full of insight. He is encouraging and gives helpful challenges (not too strict or loose). He really takes time to learn and know his students and plans lessons accordingly. He is easy to work with and is always on time. He is a wealth of knowledge and skill!

Jessica Coats


I've been taking music production lessons with Reed at Moon Magnet School for the past several months and I love it! Reed is very knowledgeable, patient, and flexible. I strongly recommend working with him and Moon Magnet Music School.

Charlotte Bash


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My daughter has taken piano lessons through Moon Magnet for the past few years and our teacher's fantastic! He pushes her to learn new skills and develop a repository of songs she loves to play. He strikes the perfect balance between ensuring she is progressing and keeping it fun! I would highly recommend Moon Magnet!

Allyson Wolfram


We started piano when our son was 5, and 6 years later, all 4 of our boys are rocking with piano, guitar, ukulele, and drums!  Our teacher is kind and compassionate, and at the same time, he pushes our boys to their greatest potential.  This has been such a fantastic opportunity for our family!

Jen Shepard


Our family has been taking lessons with Moon Magnet for over 5 years.  Our oldest took ukulele and guitar lessons and our youngest takes guitar and piano lessons. Their instructor is a true musician, and he is able to teach music techniques and theory in creative ways. He combines learning traditional instruction using lesson books with learning pop and rock songs that are of interest to our sons. My boys like their instructor as a human and respect him as a teacher, which demonstrates his gift for teaching.

Mary Guisinger


Reed has been my two kids' piano teacher for the past five years and we all think Reed is the best!  He is clearly a very skilled and talented  musician himself and his love of music is obvious in his instruction and teaching style.  As a teacher, Reed is a perfect combination of patience, encouragement, and structure.  While he focuses on the fundamental and technical aspects of music, he also encourages students to develop their own style and explore songs and music that speak to their individual interests.

My kids have learned to play some of their favorite songs which keeps them interested and excited about piano. When I hear my kids playing the piano, I am struck by the fact that, thanks to Moon Magnet, they are really good piano players!

Reed is reliable and dependable while at the same time being flexible with scheduling.  This flexibility is important to our family given our kids' activities and changing schedules.  Reed is also friendly and approachable and always open to suggestions. 
We have referred Moon Magnet to several friends and they have all been extremely happy and impressed.  If you are looking for a great piano teacher, look no further and contact Moon Magnet!

Francesca M.


I just finished Moon Magnet’s course, “Release Your Music in 90 Days.” When I first read about this course, I did not really believe that I could create releasable music in 90 days. Boy, was I wrong! From the very first lesson, my teacher was attentive, thorough and provided actionable feedback throughout the course. I walked away with 6 songs that with minor refinements will be released in the near future. I would recommend Moon Magnet to anyone who wants to develop a more structured recording, mixing, mastering, and release strategy.

Crystal Williams


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